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M12x1.25 LOCK BOLT 60 DEGREE Hex 17



The FlowerLock has been conceived to be used by car makers and offers excellent security for all alloy and steel wheels, thanks to the complex combination patterns (flower shape) and the heavy-duty rotary ring.

LOCK technical features
– Infinite combinations.
– The combination’s design makes it impossible for somebody to remove the lock by means of any tools.
– The key is easily put in and taken out of the lock thanks to its automatic centering system.
– The wheel lock key’s hexagon permits also the use of the key given by the car manufacturer.
– Strong rotating ring which doesn’t allow other tools to unscrew it.
– Produced with the OEM technology, process and controls.
– Bolt’s body class resistance 10.9 and nut’s body class resistance 10.
– Thread made after heat treatment.
– Possibility to obtain a new key in case of lost.




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